Professional Farm Satellite Internet Plan

$249.00 / month

Introducing Professional Farm 40Mbps Unlimited* Internet – $249^ per month

Product Information

Connected Farms Professional Farm internet plan is good for :-

Today’s farmer is a business professional. Already incorporating agritech and new ideas into their farming practice and using data in the farm office and across the fields.

Supports over the land wireless coverage solutions.  Can also be used in a mobile format to provide pop up coverage.

Free IoT connectivity allowance when run through the same hardware install

Growers are likely to be using variable rate applications and need in field prescriptions and to reliably capture data at the point of harvest.  Sheep and dairy will likely need support for sensors and management platforms.  Suitable for running autonomous irrigation and monitoring platforms

Supports typical family entertainment and streaming usage for out of business use. Does not support live action gaming.

Ideal for :-

  • Professional farmers looking to integrate and lead the way with tech adoption on farm, use farm management software.
  • Best for medium to large sized farms.
  • Perfect for combining with over the fields connectivity solutions


Equipment Required :- Connected Farms Satellite Dish and Modem Kit Combo package. $875 plus GST. Available for purchase here

Installation & Connection :- DIY installation. Connected Farms recommends installation by a licensed installer . A list of recommended installers available here

*Unlimited data plan. Fair use policy applies
^$249 per month plus GST. Equipment charges of apply

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