Would you like a bit more detail about our services? We have listed a few commonly asked questions below.

Connected Farms technical team would love to get in touch to discuss your over the farm connectivity needs. We need to speak to you to understand your business and how you might like to use technology in your farm operation. Please email us on connectionsnz@connectedfarms.nz or call Tom on 0800 123 669

Step One : Delivery of Satellite and Modem Equipment

Depending on where you live, we allow a window of 14 days from the first business day after you place an order for the delivery of your Connected Farms Satellite Equipment. In recent months, this timeframe has been impacted by Covid-19 restrictions, however, we will keep you updated along the way, and advise as soon as your equipment leaves our warehouse

Step Two : Installation

Contact your local installer to have your equipment installed. Installation time will depend on factors such as weather and the nature of your installation (if it is a rooftop installation, or ground based, or if you have ordered an over the farm network). Once the installer is at your farm, and the conditions are favourable, the install will take 3 – 4 hours*.
*An over the farm or IoT network will take longer to install depending on network size and complexity

Connected Farms offer installation via our network of installers.
Installation costs for satellite internet are quoted by local installers on a per customer basis and in our experience range from $500 – $800 for a 750mm dish (roof mounted), plus travel.
For accurate installation costs to be quoted you may need to supply your installer with property maps and/or location photographs to allow them to determine the type of installation required. See our Installers page for your closest installer.

Your satellite internet service is not affected by regular weather events, however, like all telecommunications networks, it may be affected by extreme weather events.

Due to the latency of the satellite signal, high speed gaming is not recommended on satellite internet services, as the delay will affect your game responses.

If you would like to connect multiple locations, for example, your Farm House, Outlying Sheds, and workers accommodation we will need to tailor a solution for your farm. Please give us a call on 0800 123 669 or email connectionsNZ@connectedfarms.nz

We are experienced in working with companies in the Agritech space to ensure connectivity requirements are catered for during their product development, and that their agritech or machinery will work seamlessly, from the test bed, out into the rigorous farm environment. If you need to consider connectivity as part of your product development, email us on info@connectedfarms.nz and let’s set up an intro call.

Anything we have missed? Please call on 0800 123 669 or email us on info@connectedfarms.nz

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Email us on info@connectedfarms.nz or call 0800 123 669