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On farms sales/special events

Need A Temporary Connectivity Solution For Harvest, Stock Camp, Livestock Sales Or To Connect Your AgRobots? Our Pop-Up Trailer Hubs Offer Connectivity Where And When It Is Most Critical To Your Farming Operation
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Our Pop-Up Trailer Hubs offer broadband connectivity where and when it is most critical to your farming operation. Providing a temporary coverage layer over part of a farm or even an individual field, the pop-up hub uses the same LTE layers as our Connected Farm Hub. These can be in place for a day or a number of weeks. Our trailer hubs are often used by agricultural contractors moving from farm to farm and agrobot companies offering farming as a service. They are an effective solution for on farm events as well such as on-line animal sales.

Our range of micro hubs can be used to connect remote IoT sensors or clusters of sensors and also provide some local Wi-Fi connectivity in the immediate area. These are mostly satellite solutions however we do have some that utilise wireless.

One of our micro hubs is an on vehicle on the move satellite solution that creates a local Wi-Fi bubble in and around the vehicle it is on anywhere in Australia.

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