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Horticulture is a sector affected by labour shortages and increased input costs. To maintain production ag-robots have become increasingly common in the horticulture sector – from weeding robots in vegetable production through to spraying systems in fruit and orchards.
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Our connectivity solutions for horticulture can be as simple as weather monitoring stations combined with sensors such as soil moisture to optimize irrigation / fertigation right through to a deep mobile broadband coverage and on farm edge data centres so that your produce can be grown, harvested, packed and dispatched enabling blockchain traceability systems to be used.

Usually very cost effective across horticulture operations because of the advantages a connectivity layer gives it is a valuable addition to your horticultural farming system

Increased safety, increased production and increased profits are all outcomes that connectivity allows to happen. As more automation is developed in horticulture the connectivity layer will become essential to remain a competitive farm.

Our AgTech as a service offering is a great entry point for horticultural growers and adding surveillance cameras to that service is a great idea.

Connected Farm Hub (or share with your neighbours for a Connected Farms Ag Precinct) are the next steps to provide that continuous layer of 4G/5G coverage to enable autonomous machines to work.

As horticulture operations can involve more casuals in the workforce our agriverse solutions are an ideal way to ensure that workers inductions and training can be safely delivered.

Solutions to try:

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