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Over your land it is likely that you will have infrastructure that needs monitoring – this could be as simple as gate open alerts through to keeping an eye on water bores, troughs and even feed bins. Simply put a big part of your operation can be involved in checking things are working, water levels are ok and farm infrastructure from irrigation equipment to electric fences are all operating as they should – this is committing your valuable labour resources to checking things that can be remotely monitored and checked.
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Using Connected Farms AgTech as a service you can install monitors on water tanks, fences, gates, feed and drink troughs and just about anything that needs monitored on the property. Gate cameras let you know who is coming and going and help protect stock.

Remote and lone worker communications are often an issue – and for may graziers and pastoralist having people out on their own in remote country is a huge liability risk if something goes wrong. We have a range of solutions for that starting with a simple and low cost communicators that pair with a smart phone to allow send and receive of text and email messages and – critically- have an emergency calling function that geolocates your position and will summon help 24/7 all year round. Connected Farms also offer an on vehicle on the move solution that is a satellite device that creates a Wi-Fi “bubble” around the vehicle for 30 to 50m which phones, tablets and laptops can connect to (in fact any device that connects by Wi-Fi can use it) to allow voice calling, test, email and full internet access – so better than a satellite phone

Often properties being used for animal operations are large and remote – that’s why Connected Farms AgTech as a service is a great choice – you just tell us what you need to monitor and we will install the best devices and use the best connectivity solution to connect it. We use our own IoT networks and satellite solutions for the more remote areas.

If growing your own stored feed (hay) then we can help with solid moisture sensors if you have it under irrigation and solutions to enable the precision use of fertilisers
We can also offer a range of business grade connectivity solutions for crew accommodation and for temporary muster camp connectivity.

Solutions to try:

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