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A good and reliable layer of coverage is an essential part of a modern arable operation. That coverage has to be even and over the whole area of work to ensure maximum return of your investment in digital agriculture systems and machines that can connect – otherwise your precision ag equipment is not working to 100% of its ability – with rising costs of all inputs accuracy in the sowing, growing and harvesting operations is vital – and it can only be fully effective where there is full connectivity. The all too common problem of no or patchy coverage over your arable operation is costing you money – lots of money.
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At the data collection level a consistent and accurate picture of land conditions is developed using soil moisture probes, soil chemistry and weather station inputs – when supplemented with geolocated harvest data then a valuable story of the paddocks develops. This data is then added to you farm software to develop precise variable rate application plans ensures that you minimize your input costs while obtaining the best yields.

Planting (and harvest) accuracy is improved with cellular (as our 4G/5G coverage solutions are) connectivity for your RTK system – our coverage allows all your machinery and on board precision farming systems to work at their very best – and helping increase your harvest success.

Connected machinery allows optimum working and good communications over the whole farm – so you know exactly what is happening and where it is happening. Harvest recording apps and software work better with full connectivity – some have recording capabilities that uploads the data when back in coverage – but that doesn’t help if that is hours after the truck is emptied at the receiveral.

And if you get a breakdown or puncture – then you can call from the paddock straight away to get recovery action underway – saving wasted time when every minute counts.

We can help with your monitoring of activity – cameras in the mother bins to let you know when to arrange the next truck runs or, if storing on farm, our exclusive range of Wiagro Smart Silo Sensors monitor all types of harvested produce in silo bags – from movement (theft or vermin), moisture, CO2 gas production and temperature – ensuring your stored crops are kept in optimal condition ready to move when trucks are more available (or when grain prices are higher)

Robotics / autonomous tractors and implements all need connectivity over the area they are working to be efficient and to deal with safety issues such as unexpected obstructions.

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