Have you heard about the Agriverse?

It’s like the Metaverse, but specifically for agriculture. More practically speaking, it’s a broad shift in how we interact with real-time technology on farms in ways that can save time, resources and increase productivity.

Enabled by high-speed connectivity, the Agriverse is an exciting solution that allows the use and integration of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for many applications around the farm. This can be as simple as on-farm inductions for new employees or contractors right through to complex interactions with machinery maintenance engineers or veterinarian services. It’s Ideal for corporate farms to get real-time visual data from their farms.

How does the Agriverse work?

Through the Agriverse, skilled machine operators can be guided by a remote expert via augmented reality glasses. The on-farm operator simply puts on the AR device, contacts the machinery or robotics technician using voice/touch commands, and after connecting, the technician can immediately see exactly what the customer sees through the head-mounted camera in the AR device and easy to use software – provided by Connected Farms. The technician then solves the issue.

An example would be a robot breakdown and the on-farm operators are able to be guided to a solution by an engineer/ technician in the robot manufacturers offices. It’s a way to minimise downtimes in during time-sensitive operations on the farm such as Harvest, or in the lead up to impending weather events.

How does the Agriverse help on-farm productivity?

Adoption of digital technologies on-farm will add $20 billion to annual farm revenues*.

The Agriverse solution assists in overcoming several barriers experienced on farm, and contributes to improved operational efficiencies. For instance, typically when machinery breaks down on-farm service technicians are required to make in-person trips, which involves travel time, lost production downtime and not to mention the cost.

The Agriverse solution enables machinery and veterinary experts to provide a faster level of support when an issue arises. All too often, service technicians travel hundreds of kilometres for what turns out to be a quick fix. Now, with the Agriverse, many hours of time and travel are saved, and most importantly farmers’ machines are operational again quickly, which can be vital during crop maturation or weather windows.

As the farming and agriculture sectors are heavily dependent on the harvest season, farmers require maximum uptime from their machinery. Machine downtime on-farm impacts productivity, outputs, and efficiency, especially in shorter and shorter harvest seasons. Remote assistance with the Agriverse is a game-changer for the farming and agriculture industry when every second counts.
*(Australian Farm Institute via Digital Foundations for Agriculture Strategy 2022).

What is Connected Farms doing?

Connected Farms brings the Agriverse together with connectivity. We are combining our technical knowledge with our customer’s working farm experience and have developed an Agriverse ecosystem that solves operational challenges on farms and complements the adoption of other digital agriculture practices that increase production efficiencies.

Elements of the Agriverse can be as simple as in-field learnings for on-farm inductions for new employees or contractors right through to complex remote expert interactions with machinery maintenance engineers or remote veterinarian services.

Connected Farms key purpose is to enable digital agriculture and help farmers grow more using less. The Agriverse, is just another way for Connected Farms to connect and enable farmers to successfully embark on their digital agriculture journey.

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