About us

Connected Farms started its New Zealand journey by scratching our own itch and improving connectivity on the family farm

Our Sole Focus Is Providing Connectivity Solutions To The agriculture sector with aim of connecting even the most remote farm to the internet and vital communications.

Our Story

"Before improving coverage, morning walks to the one spot on the farm where we could get cell reception were very common"

Melissa Andrews, Country Manager New Zealand, Connected Farms

Our Journey

Connected Farms started its journey delivering connectivity solutions in rural Australia. With experience gained in communications deployments for emergency services we know that reliability and value for money are of key importance, especially in rural and remote environments. 

Family First

Our regular trips to visit our New Zealand Whanau on the South Island, often presented us with little or no connectivity options, a challenge when you are trying to run a business. This prompted us to ‘scratch our own itch’ and bring the same Connected Farms service offering to New Zealand.

Live Local, Support Local

We operate out of our base in rural South Canterbury and employ local people in our team and use local suppliers where ever we work. Its part of the Connected Farms ethos, we like doing business with locals and supporting the local community.

​All the Connected Farms leadership team have farming in their heritage.  It helps us understand the importance of getting our solutions right for farmers.  We know there is not a “one size fits all” solution to on-farm connectivity, which is why we tailor a connectivity solution to each and every farm.  Like to find out more? Get in touch, we’d love to chat. Email us on info@connectedfarms.nz or contact us here.

Our Purpose

Connected Farms exists to provide connectivity and Agritech solutions to farmers so they can use them to farm safely, efficiently and economically. Our solutions gives farmers the means to increase their yields and reduce their inputs by enabling digital agriculture.