Coverage OverYour Farm

Reliable voice and data communications over your whole farm.  Connect workers accommodation, use your cell phone and any SIM enabled machinery .

Lone Worker
Safety from
$35 / month

Simple and effective two way text and email communications and SOS from anywhere on your farm, no matter how remote. ZOLEO enables next generation farm safety and is also great for remote leisure such as hunting and fishing.

AgriTech Connectivity from$20 / month

Thinking of adopting AgriTech in your farming practices. Chat to us about the basic IoT network requirements and some exciting new technology developments

Connectivity forAgRobots

We are the most experienced provider of innovative fixed and on the move connectivity solutions for agricultural Robotics and autonomous machinery.

Satellite Internet Pricing

Connected Farms are bringing unlimited high speed satellite internet direct to farmers in rural and remote New Zealand with plans starting at $149* per month for 22Mbps.

*Fair use policy applies. Excludes GST, satellite dish and installation.



$649per month*
75 Mbps (55D /20U)
Unlimited Data
12 months Pulse Subscription
Suitable for all corporate farms will allow very high speeds for data transfers to corporate offices/ management and to fulfil on farm operations utilising high levels of agritech, automation and leading into artificial intelligence / robotics.
Specialised solutions tailored to suit particular farming sectors from dairy through to cropping.
Can also be used for when high numbers of workers accommodated on farm (farm coverage check needed).
Suitable for incorporating Farm Stay buildings
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Excludes GST, Satellite / IoT equipment and installation
Other Features



$20per month*
10 Mbps (5D/5U)
2Gb / month
Suitable for farmers taking first steps on their agritech adoption roadmap.
This will allow affordable IoT connectivity for your farm business
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Excludes GST, Satellite / IoT equipment and installation
Other Features

Enabling Digital Agriculture

Increased connectivity over your land improves the
productivity and profitability of your farming operation.


Understand what connectivity is, how it works and ways it can add value to your farm operation

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Testamonial 1 Austins Pastoral
“We have been using Professional Farm Satellite Internet Service from Connected Farms for just over a year. The speeds are amazing and the unlimited plan is great, especially during Level 4 when the whole family were doing work and school from home. The customer service is very responsive and it’s also great to support a local Canterbury based business. Would definitely recommend Connected Farms.”
Austins Pastoral
Mackenzie Country
Testamonial 3 Connected Farms BJ Oliver
“We are enjoying reliable everyday high speed internet with Connected Farms. If you are farmer and looking for an unlimited internet plan – speak to their team, they are friendly and easy to deal with.”
BJ & R Oliver
Testamonial 3 - Connected Farms Lone Worker Safety Zoleo Device
“My son goes hunting on the remote areas of our farm and as a mum, ZOLEO brings me a tremendous sense of relief knowing he can send me a location drop along the way. I can message him back and he can alert emergency services if anything goes wrong.”
Mackenzie high country farmer
and ZOLEO Satellite Communicator user.

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